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Tourism and hospitality management, Vol. 16 No. 2, 2010

Publication date: December 2010

Published on HRČAK: 16 December 2010
Table of contents Full text
Editorial (str.III-IV) englishpdf 86 KB
Jože Perić
The effects of perceived organisational support on employees' affective outcomes: evidence from the hotel industry (str.125-150) englishpdf 217 KB
Ulker Colakoglu, Osman Culha, Hakan Atay
Original scientific paper
Personal attributes associated with successful management in the hospitality industry - a pilot study in licensed retail operations (str.151-164) englishpdf 119 KB
Elizabeth M. Ineson, Graham J. Stone
Preliminary communication
Choice of destination, accommodation and transportation in times of economic crisis (str.165-180) englishpdf 188 KB
Alen Jugović, Mirjana Kovačić, Darko Saftić
Preliminary communication
Does restaurant performance meet customers' expectations? An assessment of restaurant service quality using a modified DINESERV approach (str.181-195) englishpdf 138 KB
Suzana Marković, Sanja Raspor, Klaudio Šegarić
Preliminary communication
Sports tourism and system of experiences (str.197-206) englishpdf 96 KB
Marko Perić
Preliminary communication
Analysis of hotel names in Croatia as a tool of marketing strategy (str.207-218) englishpdf 135 KB
Mario Plenković, Vlado Galičić, Vlasta Kučiš
Preliminary communication
Cross-border regions as potential tourist destinations along the Slovene-Croatian frontier (str.219-228) englishpdf 106 KB
Ksenija Vodeb
Preliminary communication
Destination images of visitors attending to travel expo in key markets of Turkey (str.229-241) englishpdf 120 KB
Volkan Altintas, Ercan Sirakaya-Turk, Serkan Bertan
Review article
Private accommodation in tourist destination offer - the case of Dubrovnik (str.243-263) englishpdf 176 KB
Ana Portolan
Review article
Book reviews (str.265-270) englishpdf 73 KB
Nadia Pavia, Kristina Črnjar, Marija Ivaniš
Case report
Reviewers (str.271) englishpdf 195 KB
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