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Why AI Art Is Not Art – A Heideggerian Critique

Karl Kraatz orcid id ; Zhejiang University, Philosophy Department, CN–310058 Hangzhou
Shi-ting Xie ; Hunan Normal University, Yuelu District, Lushan South Road No. 168, CN–410081 Changsha, Hunan Province

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AI’s new ability to create artworks is seen as a major challenge to today’s understanding of art. There is a strong tension between people who predict that AI will replace artists and critics who claim that AI art will never be art. Furthermore, recent studies have documented a negative bias towards AI art. This paper provides a philosophical explanation for this negative bias, based on our shared understanding of the ontological differences between objects. We argue that our perception of art depends on our understanding of the context of its creation: human-made art is experienced as an interplay between the artist and nature. In AI-generated art, this interplay is either absent or minimised. We conclude that the displacement of the “human factor” in art will not lead to an evolution of art, but to the end of art.

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artificial intelligence; Martin Heidegger; AI art; philosophy; aesthetics; ontology

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