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Pedagogical Semiotics of Space

Jovana Marojević orcid id ; University of Montenegro, Faculty of Philosophy

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In this paper, we deal with the consideration of space as materiality and space as a process in the broader context of childhood studies and, more specifically, in the context of school pedagogy. We outline the question of the material construction of childhood (in childhood geographies and geographies of education). Then, we consider the relationship between space and pedagogy, that is, the material aspect of learning, on an explicit level, presenting findings on the share of spatial components in student achievement. The central consideration in the paper is devoted to the concept of innovative learning environments (ILE) and its spatial requirements, especially to the renaissance of open school plans based on that concept. Furthermore, we deal with the issue of spatial mediation of power relations in open-plan schools but also in traditional corridor-type schools (“cells and bells” schools) and with the idea of shaping the identity of students and teachers through these processes. We conclude the paper with a brief review of the neoliberal nature of the concept of ILE and with recommendations on considering the space and environment for learning through the paradigms of critical pedagogy of place and common world pedagogies

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innovative learning environments (ILE); material construction of childhood; open space school plans

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