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Constructivism as a link between teaching contents of scientifi c and social subjects

Renata Jukić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta J.J. Strossmayera Osijek Odsjek za pedagogiju

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Today’s school is faced with resent of many deficiencies. One of them, most definitively, is a crucial mutual incoherence of class contents of different subjects, but also the insufficient connection of school contents with everyday knowledge and students’ experience and affairs happening in the current time. The deficiencies listed here are very often connected with the teaching of scientific subjects whose contents students mostly see as “difficult”, “lifeless”, “non-experience related”. Therefore the imperative of thinking about the contemporary education has to be the connection of scientific subjects’ contents with the contents of social and humanistic subjects, but also with students’ experiences. Constructivist approach to education is based on the assumption that the learning process happens by personal construction and reconstruction of the knowledge that evolves as a result of students’ interactions with the natural world in a particular socio-cultural context, and with a dynamic intermediation of students’ prior knowledge. Constructivism as a theory of teaching that has arisen from the theory of learning is possible to see through a link (through the elements of constructivist teaching: activism, authentic learning, multiple perspective and collaborative learning), between what seems to be completely different areas of science that, even though they mostly exist as antithesis, today entail holistic, interdisciplinary, cross curricular approach to teaching.

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constructivism; teaching; scientific/social subjects

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