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Hygienic quality of raw milk with regard to legislation

Slavko Kirin ; "Sirela", V. Sredice 11, 43000 Bjelovar

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str. 49-60

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Hygienic quality of raw milk is basic indicator of hygienic condition
during processing and handling of milk as well as economical valorisation of animal product as a raw material in dairy products manufacture. Thus, total bacterial count in 1 mL of raw milk is used in modern legislation in milk pricing system. Apart from the economical and technological reasons hygienic quality of raw milk is also important from the health safety issue. In this paper microbiological quality legislation, set down by the EU and Croatian directives, are presented. Apart form the total microorganisms number the normative on the somatic cell number in row milk, as one of the quality indicators, are also presented. Pricing system of raw milk with regard to hygienic quality, current legislation especially from the point of view of a new legislation on row milk quality as well as suggestions to faster association into progressive dairy, legislation are listed.

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hygienic quality, total microorganism number, somatic cell number, legislations

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