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The Life of Transitology in Croatian Political Science: Rancièrian Approach

Tonči Kursar ; Fakultet političkih znanosti, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ana Matan ; Fakultet političkih znanosti, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The authors use Ranciere's theses on the ideological consensus in the‎ social sciences, to confirm or refute ‘the end of transitology’ in Croatian political‎ science. The research is based on articles published in the Croatian political science‎ journal Politička misao in the three decades after the first multiparty elections in‎ Croatia. The authors show that Croatian transitology is part of a comprehensive‎ consensus on the complementarity of democracy and capitalism that emerged in‎ 1989. The analysis of Croatian transitology, in the decade after the first multi-party‎ elections, is based on Ranciere's concept of (liberal) metapolitics. To explore the‎ second decade of transitology, the authors use Rancier’s concept of ‘consensual‎ democracy’ which aspires to achieve identity between political form and the‎ state of social relations. Croatian transitology of the second decade holds that the‎ consolidation of democracy should be explained/supported by the introduction‎ of 'non-political factors' such as the rule of law, civil society and democratic political‎ culture. All these factors can be subsumed under Ranciere's understanding‎ of consensual democracy because they are intended to achieve the condition of‎ identity. Although at present, transitology may seem obsolete, the article shows‎ that (Croatian) transitology still lives a slightly different life by identifying various‎ deviations and shortcomings in Croatian society. It achieves this by translating any‎ deviation from the normative ideals of transition into a 'non-functional' or 'name of‎ the problem' (Ranciere), which then needs some predefined (reform) intervention.‎ In this way we have teleological elements which reaffirm the desire for history to‎ end in a universal formation made up of the unbreakable bond of democracy and‎ capitalism.‎

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Croatian political science; transitology, metapolitics; consensus democracy; Rancière

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