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  • Publication date: 26.01.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 26.01.2016.

Table of contents

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An ancient stone monument from Čipuljić near Bugojno (page 7-17)

Adnan Busuladžić
Original scientific paper

Stele of the Veteran of the 14th Legion Gaius Antonius Sentinus from Siscia (page 19-49)

Rosana Škrgulja, Branka Migotti
Original scientific paper

Simple cloth and stamped leather: organic finds from the Avar graveyard in Nuštar (Eastern Croatia) (page 51-83)

Karina Grömer, Anita Rapan Papeša
Original scientific paper

Sondage excavations of St. Mark’s church in Široka luka near Plitvica Selo (page 121-141)

Lidija Bakarić, Sanjin Mihelić, Iva Kostešić, Nera Šegvić
Original scientific paper

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