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Collegium antropologicum , Vol. 24 - Supplement 1 No. 1, 2000.

  • Publication date: 16.06.2000.
  • Published on HRČAK: 15.11.2007.

Table of contents

Full text

Interferometry in the Assessment of Biomechanical Features of the Masticatory System Hard Segments (page 1-6)

Z. Rajić, V. Nikolić, S. Rajić-Meštrović, D. Vukičević
Original scientific paper

Mandibular Border Positions in Eugnathic Subjects during the Second Bite Lifting (page 7-14)

B. Borić, Z. Rajić, S. Vukovojac
Original scientific paper

Model for Computer Simulation of Bone Tissue (page 15-20)

D. Milčić, J. Keros, J. Saucha, Z. Rajić, R. Pezerović-Panijan
Original scientific paper

Trends in Dental Caries in 12-Year Old Children in Croatia (page 21-24)

Z. Rajić, D. Radionov, S. Rajić-Meštrović
Original scientific paper

The Patient’s and the Therapist’s Evaluation of Bridges of Different Materials and Age (page 25-29)

J. Stipetić, A. Čelebić, V. Jerolimov, I. Vinter, S. Kraljević, Z. Rajić
Original scientific paper

Evaluation of Craniometric Methods for Determination of Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (page 31-35)

Z. Delić, M. Šimunović-Šoškić, R. Perinić-Gržić, S. Vukovojac, Z. Rajić, Ti. Kuna, To. Kuna
Original scientific paper

The Effect of Tooth Loss on the TM-joint Articular Eminence Inclination (page 37-42)

D. Žabarović, V. Jerolimov, V. Carek, D. Vojvodić, K. Žabarović, D. Buković Jr.
Original scientific paper

Dynamic Effects of Food Consistency on Chewing Motions (page 43-47)

S. Filipić, J. Keros, O. Muftić, D. Milčić, G. Prpić-Mehičić, To. Kuna
Original scientific paper

Distribution of Craniofacial Variables in South Dalmatian and Middle Croatian Populations (page 49-56)

V. Njemirovskij, Z. Radović, D. Komar, B. Lazić, Ti. Kuna
Original scientific paper

Kineziographic Research of Patients with Cross Bite (page 57-62)

R. Gržić, Z. Kovač, D. Kovačević, I. Uhač, Z. Delić
Original scientific paper

Orofacial Analysis on the Adriatic Islands: 1. The Island of Hvar as a Model for Odontogenetic Researches (page 63-69)

T. Lauc, K. Schäfer, H. Prossinger, M. Šlaj
Original scientific paper

The Patient’s and the Therapist’s Evaluation of Complete Denture Therapy (page 71-77)

A. Člebić, M Valentić Peruzović, J. Stipetić, Z. Delić, T. Staničić, L. Ibrahimagić
Original scientific paper

Hereditary and Environmental Dental Findings in Identification of Human Remains (page 79-83)

H. Brkić, J. Keros, Z. Kaić, J. Čadež
Original scientific paper

Measurement of Magnetic Field in Dentistry (page 85-89)

D. Buković Jr., V. Carek, D. Đurek, Ti. Kuna, J. Keros
Original scientific paper

Implant Failure: Regional versus Cumulative Evaluation (page 91-96)

T. Lauc, D. Krnić, D. Katanec
Original scientific paper

Three Dimensional Model of the Human Mandible (page 97-101)

O. Muftić, D. Milčić, J. Saucha, V. Carek
Original scientific paper

Balint Groups as a Driving Force of Ego Development (page 103-108)

M. Kulenović, S. Blažeković-Milaković
Original scientific paper

Family Relationships in Prediction of Ageing (page 109-118)

S. Blažeković-Milaković, J. Kern, H. Vuković
Original scientific paper

Psychogenic Factors in the Aetiology of Stomatopyrosis (page 119-126)

J. S. Pokupec-Gruden, A. Cekić-Arambašin, V. Gruden
Original scientific paper

Chronology, Dynamics and Period of Permanent Tooth Eruption in Zagreb Children (Part II) (page 137-143)

Z. Rajić, S. Rajić-Meštrović, Ž. Verzak
Original scientific paper

Preventive Sealing of Dental Fissures with Heliosil: A Two-year Follow-up (page 151-155)

Z. Rajić, Z. Gvozdanović, S. Rajić-Meštrović, I. Bagić
Original scientific paper

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