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  • Publication date: 11.06.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 12.06.2018.

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The modeling of the effect of lubricant viscosity on the vibration for a gear system (page 253-260)

Wafa Krika, Azzedine Bouzaouit
Original scientific paper

Towards the new energy storage system for conventional cars (page 261-267)

Saša Sladić, Alen Poljak, Neven Bulić
Original scientific paper

Neural networks-based robust adaptive flight path tracking control of large transport (page 268-278)

Lv Maolong, Xiuxia Sun, G. Z. Xu, Z. T. Wang
Original scientific paper

Development of an ultrasonic device for quality evaluation of yogurt (page 279-287)

Zlatin Zlatev, Tanya Pehlivanova, Antoaneta Dimitrova, Stanka Baycheva, Ira Taneva, Krasimira Keremidchieva
Original scientific paper

Dual – loop force – displacement mixed control strategy and its application on the quasi – static test (page 296-302)

Cong Zeng, Bin Wu, Guoshan Xu, Zheng Wang, Tianlin Pan
Original scientific paper

Application of geo-informatics engineering to estimate above-ground carbon sequestration (page 303-308)

Teerawong Laosuwan, Yannawut Uttaruk, Tanutdech Rotjanakusol, Kusuma Arsasana
Original scientific paper

Optimizing air velocity for the underfloor forced ventilation to protect a refrigerated warehouse from frost heaving (page 321-327)

Jingfu Jia, Manjin Hao, Jianhua Zhao
Original scientific paper

Advanced optimization model of resource allocation in B2C supply chain (page 328-337)

Firdaous Zair, Naoufal Sefiani, Mohamed Fourka
Original scientific paper

Analytical solution and numerical verification for a pressure-relief method of circular tunnel (page 338-351)

Wu Shunchuan, Xu Miaofei, Gao Yongtao, Zhang Shihuai, Chen Fan
Original scientific paper

Friction stir welding of new electronic packaging material SiCp/Al composite with T-joint (page 352-359)

Zeng Gao, Jianguang Feng, Huanyu Yang, Jukka Pakkanen, Jitai Niu
Original scientific paper

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