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ADMET and DMPK , Vol. 6 No. 2, 2018.

  • Publication date: 16.06.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 16.06.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

The role and impact of high throughput biomimetic measurements in drug discovery (page 74-84)

Shenaz Bunally, Robert J. Young
Review article

Leveraging chromatography based physicochemical properties for efficient drug design (page 85-104)

Gilles H. Goetz, Marina Shalaeva
Review article

Estimation of skin permeation by liquid chromatography (page 140-152)

Sara Soriano-Meseguer, Elisabet Fuguet, Adriana Port, Martí Rosés
Original scientific paper

Lipophilicity determination of acidic compounds: MEEKC as a reliable high-throughput methodology (page 153-161)

Xavier Subirats, Lídia Redón, Martí Rosés
Original scientific paper

Application of biomimetic HPLC to estimate lipophilicity, protein and phospholipid binding of potential peptide therapeutics (page 162-175)

Klara Valko, Gabriela Ivanova-Berndt, Paul Beswick, Mark Kindey, Dorothy Ko
Original scientific paper

Peptide retention time prediction for immobilized artificial membrane phosphatidylcholine stationary phase: method development and preliminary observations (page 190-199)

Daniel Gussakovsky, Haley Neustaeter, Victor Spicer, Oleg V. Krokhin
Original scientific paper

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