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  • Publication date: 07.05.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 11.05.2021.

Table of contents

Full text

Le Conseil d’État face à la crise sanitaire du Covid-19 (page 401-417)

Bruno Lasserre
Original scientific paper

Criminal conduct of natural and legal persons during the COVID-19 pandemic: between criminal, misdemeanor and administrative law (page 419-439)

Anita Kurtović Mišić, Lucija Sokanović, Nina Mišić Radanović
Original scientific paper

State and compensation in case of natural disasters - on legal protection and transparency (page 441-458)

Marko Turudić, Bosiljka Britvić Vetma
Review article

The legal nature of control measures pandemic COVID-19 (page 459-475)

Lana Ofak
Original scientific paper

Consequences and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on fiscal system and taxation (page 483-499)

Nataša Žunić Kovačević
Original scientific paper

Preservation of jobs in times of crisis caused COVID pandemic 19 (page 525-552)

Andrijana Bilić, Domagoj Mokrović
Original scientific paper

Development of local self-government in the Republic of Croatia (page 555-585)

Duško Lozina, Josipa Jagnjić
Review article

The role of love in public sector leadership in Slovenia (page 587-609)

Senko Pličanič
Original scientific paper

Peregrines in Roman law and contemporary migrants - a historical contextualization of the current (page 611-632)

Henrik-Riko Held, Luka Orešković
Original scientific paper

Liability for damages in temporary employment (page 633-655)

Trpimir Perkušić
Original scientific paper

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