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  • Publication date: 02.05.2024.
  • Published on HRČAK: 02.05.2024.

Table of contents

Full text

Old Cleavages and New Parties: The Analysis of Voting Behavior In 2020 Elections In Croatia‎ (page 7-38)

Andrija Henjak, Goran Čular
Original scientific paper

Fetishism and Ideology in Light Of Bidet’s Meta/Structural Theory (page 67-89)

Ivan Lasić
Original scientific paper

The Significance and Role of Science And Technology in The Development of Capabilities of Croatian Armed Forces (page 116-146)

Marko Zečević, Marijan Paljević, Andrija Kozina
Preliminary communication

Helen Thompson: Disorder: Hard Times in the 21st Century (page 156-158)

Petar Popović
Book review

Le censeur masqué. Odgovor na “Écrasez Foucault?” (page 161-178)

David Šporer
Reaction, polemic

L’avocat de la bêtise. Odgovor na Le censeur masqué (page 179-195)

Krešimir Petković
Reaction, polemic

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