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  • Publication date: 10.11.2008.
  • Published on HRČAK: 13.11.2008.

Table of contents

Full text

Prosody in Speech Produced by Deaf Persons (page 1-13)

Luka Bonetti, Vlatka Utović, Adinda Dulčić
Original scientific paper

Risk and protective factors in family: Differences between youth and their parents perception (page 15-26)

Martina Ferić-Šlehan
Original scientific paper

Helper syndrome personality in professionals who work with visually impaired persons (page 27-38)

Rea Fulgosi-Masnjak, Margareta Vidmar, Mia Masnjak
Original scientific paper

Some Aspects of the Quality of Life of the Adolescents with and without Cerebral Palsy (page 39-47)

Marijana Gojčeta, Ines Joković-Oreb, Renata Pinjatela
Original scientific paper

Impact of age factor on connectives (page 49-64)

Marinka Grobler, Diana Arapović, Mirjana Lenček
Original scientific paper

Susceptibility to Peer Pressure and Self-Esteem (page 77-92)

Marija Lebedina Manzoni, Martina Lotar, Neven Ricijaš
Original scientific paper

Lexical skills of hearing-impaired students (page 93-103)

Ivona Radić, Sandra Bradarić Jončić, Emica Farago
Original scientific paper

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