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  • Publication date: 22.10.2012.
  • Published on HRČAK: 13.11.2012.

Table of contents

Full text

Editorial (page 7-7)

Marko Pećina

Orofacial diseases - a scientific approach (page 11-12)

Hrvoje Brkić

Prevention of noncarious lesions in children (page 13-22)

Ivana Čuković-Bagić
Review article

Contemporary concepts on composite materials (page 23-37)

Zrinka Tarle, Danijela Marović, Vlatko Pandurić
Review article

Periodontal diseases as a risk factor (page 39-46)

Darije Plančak, Ivan Puhar
Review article

Recent advances in periodontology (page 49-59)

Andrej Aurer
Review article

Xerostomia – diagnostics and treatment (page 69-90)

Marinka Mravak-Stipetić
Review article

The fate of teeth in mandibular fracture line (page 93-102)

Darko Macan, Davor Brajdić, Ivan Zajc
Original scientific paper

Removable orthodontic therapy - Clinics or/and science (page 117-126)

Marina Lapter Varga
Review article

3D diagnostics in orofacial region (page 127-151)

Tomislav Lauc
Review article

Dental profiling in forensic sciences (page 153-162)

Marin Vodanović, Hrvoje Brkić
Review article

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