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  • Publication date: 05.11.2012.
  • Published on HRČAK: 23.11.2012.

Table of contents

Full text

Improved approximate calculation of backup supply profitability in mv power distribution planning (page 119-130)

Željko Rajić, Vjekoslav Filipović
Original scientific paper

The analyisis and optimization of the greenhouse gas emission of trigeneration energy systems (page 131-140)

Ivica Glavan, Zmagoslav Prelec
Original scientific paper

Numerical analysis of Wells turbine for wave power conversion (page 141-146)

Zoran Čarija, Lado Kranjčević, Vjekoslav Banić, Marko Čavrak
Original scientific paper

FEM stress concentration factors for fillet welded CHS-plate T-joint (page 147-156)

Sanjin Kršćanski, Goran Turkalj
Original scientific paper

On kinematic constraint in microplane theory (page 157-164)

Vanja Travaš
Original scientific paper

FRP structure design method based on equality of stiffness: case study and practice (page 165-172)

Minglei Ma, Guiling Wang, Baoyu Lian, Hongjuan Ma
Original scientific paper

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