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  • Publication date: 23.05.2006.
  • Published on HRČAK: 29.01.2007.

Table of contents

Full text

On the Influence of Byzantine Culture on Renaissance Dubrovnik and Dalmatia (page 24-24)

Zdenka Janeković-Römer
Original scientific paper

The Population of Lastovo in the Lastovo Statute (page 93-94)

Nenad Vekarić
Original scientific paper

The Miracle of Water: Prolegomena to the Renaissance Water Supply of Dubrovnik (page 95-137)

Relja Seferović, Mara Stojan
Original scientific paper

Brigandage and Contraband in Dalmatia, 1813-1850 (page 254-254)

Tado Oršolić
Original scientific paper

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