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Original scientific paper

Possibilities of Integrating Picture Books into Teaching Mother Tongue

Marinko Lazzarich ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci, Odsjek za Učiteljski studij, Hrvatska

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In her picture-book I am not Afraid of the Dark, Ljubica Kolarić-Dumić, an author
from Rijeka, has offered a unique attempt at confronting fear and the feeling of
powerlessness. Inspired by the adequate aesthetic range and humane message of a somewhat
atypical lullaby in verse, the author analyses the possibility of using such literary form in
early reading and writing instruction in lower elementary school grades, especially within the
framework of interpretative reading. In addition to introducing the opus of Ljubica Kolarić-
Dumić, the theoretical part of the paper discusses the issues of reading, literarycommunication in teaching, whereas the empirical part presents the conceptual foundation of
examining children's perception of the picture book I am not Afraid of the Dark. The research
has been conducted in seven counties – in 9 urban and 7 suburban schools, and it included
986 pupils of the first four grades. The results obtained have demonstrated that the story had
a fulfilling effect and provided guidelines for overcoming negative experience. A poetic
picture book by Ljubica Kolaric-Dumic offers itself as a stimulating linguistic and methodical
template not only for the development of early literacy, but also for the aesthetic development
in young readers.


picture book: communicative competencies, Ljubica Kolarić-Dumić, literary communication, correlation-integration approach

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