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Metalurgija, Vol. 57 No. 1-2, 2018.

Metalurgija,Vol. 57 No. 1-2
Datum izdavanja: siječnja 2018.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 14. 11. 2017.
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Achievements of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) 1952 – 2017 Y  
Postignuća Hrvatskog metalurškog društva (HMD) 1952. – 2017. godine (str.3-17) hrvatskipdf 2 MB
Ilija Mamuzić
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Annual Assambly of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS)  
Godišnja skupština Hrvatskog metalurškog društva (HMD) (str.18-18) hrvatskipdf 114 KB
Ilija Mamuzić
Effect of microwave irradiation on reactivity of metallurgical coke in CO2 atmosphere (str.19-22) engleskipdf 281 KB
C. Tian, Q. H. Pang, Z. J. He, J. H. Zhang, X. T. Zhao
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Granularity collocation of single coal on comprehensive combustion of blends (str.23-26) engleskipdf 327 KB
X. T. Zhao, Q. H. Pang, Z. J. He, Y. F. Wu, J. H. Zhang
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Experiment study on the effect of iron ore sinter behavior with adding biomass (str.27-30) engleskipdf 322 KB
H. Di, Z. J. He, J. H. Zhang, Q. H. Pang
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Structural analysis of CanOn-1S cluster of dolomite desulfurization (str.31-34) engleskipdf 201 KB
W. Z. Lv, K. Liu, R. W. Zhang, L. Cheng
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Study of desulfurization with magnesite desulfurizer under hot metal pretreatment (str.35-38) engleskipdf 140 KB
G. D. Liu, K. Liu, H. T. Zhang
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Feasibility study on high temperature electrolytic desulfurization in hot metal pretreatment (str.39-42) engleskipdf 129 KB
Z. C. Lv, K. Liu, N. Luo, W. Z. Lv
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Study on physical and chemical properties of new desulfurizer magnesite (str.43-46) engleskipdf 125 KB
W. Z. Lv, K. Liu, G. Y. Zhang, Z. C. Lv
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NOx and ultrafine particle emission characteristics in a new steel slag modification device (str.47-50) engleskipdf 300 KB
J. X. Guo, L. L. Zhang, W. B. Dai, L. Y. Qi, D. Q. Cang
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Optimization of six strand tundish based on inclusions motion (str.51-54) engleskipdf 201 KB
Y. Wang, X. Ai, S. Li, H. Li, H. Liu
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Modelling and multi objective optimization of LM13 aluminium alloy squeeze cast process parameters using taguchi and genetic algorithm (str.55-58) engleskipdf 249 KB
S. Vellingiri, V. Senthil, N. Zeelanbasha
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Silver recovery from the waste materials by the method of flotation process (str.59-61) engleskipdf 218 KB
B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec, A. Tomaszewska, D. Piękoś
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A study on experiment and numerical simulation of heat exchanger in heating furnace (str.62-66) engleskipdf 309 KB
Z. C. Lv, K. Liu, J. W. Qiu, G. Y. Ma, C. P. Liu
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Effect of Ce on stainless steel performance during electroslag remelting (ESR) (str.67-70) engleskipdf 202 KB
J. C. Weng, W. J. Shi, H. S. Xie
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Thermogravimetric (TG) investigation on reduction of hematite powder with carbonized corn straw (str.71-74) engleskipdf 339 KB
Y. F. Wu, Q. H. Pang, Z. J. He, X. T. Zhao
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Experimental study on iron recovery by microwave carbon heat reduction-magnetic separation from red mud (str.75-78) engleskipdf 275 KB
Y. L. Cong, Z. J. He, J. H. Zhang, Q. H. Pang
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Study on clogging mechanism of submerged entry nozzle of steel 38CrMoAl (str.79-82) engleskipdf 403 KB
Z. Y. Xu, J. H. Liu, Z. J. He, Q. H. Pang
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High temperature and stress corrosion cracking of 310S austenitic stainless steel in wet chloride corrosive environment (str.83-86) engleskipdf 344 KB
T. Pornpibunsompop, P. Thanakijkasem
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Research on the dynamic recrystallization law of cross wedge rolling (CWR) asymmetric hollow shaft (str.87-90) engleskipdf 302 KB
S. H. Zheng, X. D. Shu, J. Wei
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Microstructural characteristics of new type γ-γ` Co-9Al-9W cobalt-based superalloys in as-cast state (str.91-94) engleskipdf 428 KB
A. Tomaszewska, B. Oleksiak
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Research into oil film coating of a steel pipe interior by oil mist blowing (str.95-98) engleskipdf 266 KB
J. Svetlík, J. Buša, T. Brestovič, M. Pituk, A. Pešková, P. Dudová
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Dynamic model of cold strip rolling (str.99-102) engleskipdf 245 KB
A. Kozhevnikov, I. Kozhevnikova, N. Bolobanova
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Effect of biomass addition on preparation of ceramsite made by fly ash (str.103-106) engleskipdf 139 KB
J. H. Zhang, G. J. Hu, T. X. Xu, Q. Guo, Y. Wang, C. Tian
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Mechanical clinching process stress and strain in the clinching of EN-AW5754 (AlMg3), and EN AW-5019 (AlMg5) metal plates (str.107-110) engleskipdf 225 KB
J. Cumin, I. Samardžić, M. Dunđer
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Colouring titanium alloys by anodic oxidation (str.111-113) engleskipdf 260 KB
G. Napoli, M. Paura, T. Vela, A. Di Schino
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Simulation analysis of striation phenomena in abrasive water jet cutting (AWJC) process of AISI 304 stainless steel (str.114-116) engleskipdf 244 KB
X. C. Chen, S. S. Deng, M. Chen, W. X. Hua, S. Liao, S. Yao
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3D printing conditions determination for feedstock used in fused filament fabrication (FFF) of 17-4PH stainless steel parts (str.117-120) engleskipdf 295 KB
J. Gonzalez-Gutierez, D. Godec, R. Guráň, M. Spoerk, C. Kukla, C. Holzer
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An experimental investigation into the impact of vibration on the surface roughness and its defects of Al6061-T6 (str.121-124) engleskipdf 268 KB
N. Zeelanbasha, V. Senthil, B. Sharon Sylvester
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Influence of ploughshare surface layers on ploughing efficiency (str.125-127) engleskipdf 224 KB
Z. Horvat, V. Marušić, I. Samardžić, I. Opačak
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Investigation the impact of a laser on the chernov-luders lines in the 40X9C2 steel (str.128-130) engleskipdf 229 KB
A. Z. Issagulov, I. Yu Zykov, A. G. Melnikov, O. V. Lobankova, I. S. Makogon, S. A. Bojok, S. K. Arinova
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The required competencies of project managers in metallurgical companies in the Czech Republic (str.131-134) engleskipdf 72 KB
J. Kostalova, M. Bednarikova, M. Patak
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Determination of the key operational features in the steel continuous casting processes (str.135-138) engleskipdf 146 KB
T. Karkoszka
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Boron microadditives effect on heat resisting properties of Cr-Ni-Fe based alloy (str.139-141) engleskipdf 169 KB
M. K. Ibatov, A. Z. Issagulov, Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, S. K. Arinova
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Joining materials by metalock repair method (str.142-144) engleskipdf 260 KB
M. Krneta, I. Samardžić, Ž. Ivandić, Marić
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