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  • Publication date: 20.12.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 20.12.2021.

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Development and tribological characterization of fly ash reinforced iron based functionally gradient friction materials (page 20-28)

Kasi Rajesh Kannan, Ramalingam Vaira Vignesh, Kota Pavan Kalyan, Myilsamy Govindaraju
Original scientific paper

Rheological behaviour of clays in plastic state (page 29-41)

Jhon Fredy Rincón-Morantes, Javier Camacho Tauta, Oscar Javier Reyes-Ortiz
Original scientific paper

Real-time friction torque estimation on a diesel engine using the crankshaft speed fluctuation (page 42-58)

Seddak Mohammed, Lakhdari A. Amina
Original scientific paper

The analysis of material removal rate of WEDM miniature gears (page 59-64)

Ashish Goyal, Vyom Singh, Abhishek Patel
Original scientific paper

A computational approach to forecasting and minimizing electricity costs in the short-term market for distributors in Brazil (page 65-75)

Francisco E. Bezerra, Luis C. Santos Jr, Cleber G. Dias, Fabio H. Pereira
Original scientific paper

Practical realization of electronically adjustable universal filter using commercially available IC-based VBDA (page 76-85)

Natchanai Roongmuanpha, Tattaya Pukkalanun, Worapong Tangsrirat
Original scientific paper

Thermochemical conversion of plant biomass in the energotechnological complex with heat recovery (page 86-97)

Mykola Zablodskiy, Andrii Zhyltsov, Ivan Radko, Viktor Trokhaniak, S. Pugalendhi, P. Subramanian
Original scientific paper

A six-channel microstrip diplexer for multi-service wireless communication systems (page 98-105)

Farhad Fouladi, Abbas Rezaei
Original scientific paper

Rolling of a single-cavity hyperboloid of rotation on a helicoid on which it bends (page 106-114)

Tetiana Kresan, Serhii Pylypaka, Zynovii Ruzhylo, Ivan Rogovskii, Oleksandra Trokhaniak
Original scientific paper

Corrosion investigations of Al-Si casting alloys in 0.6 M NaCl solution (page 115-123)

Sunčana Smokvina Hanza, Ladislav Vrsalović, Lovro Štic, Lovro Liverić
Original scientific paper

A comprehensive study of diagnosis faults techniques occurring in photovoltaic generators (page 124-141)

Selma Tchoketch Kebir, Nawal Cheggaga, Mohamed Salah Ait Cheikh, Mourad Haddadi, Hachemi Rahmani
Original scientific paper

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