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Sociology and Space , Vol. 58 No. 3 (218), 2020.

  • Publication date: 28.12.2020.
  • Published on HRČAK: 19.02.2021.

Table of contents

Full text

Call for the best student’s paper of the ‘Sociology and Space’ journal (page 0-0)

Ankica Marinović, Lana Peternel

Everyday Life: An Interface of Micro, Mezzo and Macro Theories (page 223-243)

Hajrudin Hromadžić
Preliminary communication

Identifying Local Economic Activities in Croatia by the Use of Gini’s Coefficient (page 245-266)

Zdenko Braičić
Original scientific paper

Independent Cultural Scene as an Actor of Changes in Urban Space: The Example of Zadar (page 267-289)

Željka Tonković, Hrvoje Pašalić
Original scientific paper

Astrotourism – In Search of New Spaces and Imagination in Tourism (page 329-355)

Aleksandra Krajnović
Review article

Cultural Planning and Participation as a Strategy for Revitalizing a Resort Town: A Case Study from Červar Porat, Croatia (page 357-378)

Sara Ursić, Rašeljka Krnić, Roko Mišetić
Preliminary communication

Ivan Šimunović: Prostorne čarolije (page 432-438)

Toni Popović
Case report

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