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  • Publication date: 11.12.2023.
  • Published on HRČAK: 11.12.2023.

Table of contents

Full text

Stephen Štiljanović – from a castellan to a despot and saint (Part 2) (page 44-44)

Petar Seletković
Original scientific paper

The structure and the activity of United Podravina-Posavina Vicinal Railway Ltd (page 211-264)

Siniša Lajnert
Original scientific paper

Elite in a micro area: Vinkovci in 1939-1945 (page 265-283)

Sandra Horvat
Preliminary communication

Direct demographic losses of the Vukovar-Srijem county in the Homeland War (page 317-345)

Dražen Živić
Preliminary communication

History of sexuality (Translations). Introductory note (page 347-349)

Stanko Andrić

Is there a history of sexuality? (page 351-371)

David M. Halperin

Dragiša Jović, 1937.-2023. (page 411-415)

Ana Rajković Pejić
In memoriam, Obituary

Mile Konjević, 1933.-2023. (page 417-420)

Ana Rajković Pejić
In memoriam, Obituary

Miroslav Bertoša, 1938.-2023. (page 421-423)

Luka Pejić
In memoriam, Obituary

Prikazi i osvrti (page 431-465)

Book review

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