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Professional paper

Risk management of egg allergens in food safety system

mr. Nenad Cukon,

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Allergy to chicken table eggs is generally accepted as one of the most common food allergies, with an estimate of the prevalence of
0.2% to 7%. In the food safety system risk management of egg allergens determines the adjustment of prerequisite programs, the
adjustment of plan production and sometimes even reconstruction and relocation within the production lines - all in order to avoid
cross-contamination in food safety management system. Thereby, the risk assessment is used as a tool to demonstrate the risk of egg
allergens in the areas that are direct or indirect aff ecting on safety of products. The only two solutions which thereby imposed are
physical separation of production line and clear and proper labelling of the fi nished product as well. Any partial solution represents a
continuous risk and possible danger for consumers.


eggs, allergy, egg proteins, risk management of allergens

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