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Preliminary communication

The teaching curriculum as an encouragement to pupils’ social competencies development

Marko Jurčić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Odsjek za pedagogiju

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This paper aims to outline possible answers to the question of to what extent and in what way the teaching curriculum contributes to educational practice in terms of development of pupils’ social competencies, and why social competencies should be a necessity for all pupils and teachers. The teacher is expected to properly develop and apply the teaching curriculum that, on the one hand, represents a move through the process of education, from its aims to the teaching materials, organisation of teaching activities, sources of learning, teaching equipment, methods, approaches and assessment, and on the other hand is directly related to the subsystems of school curriculum, especially to the curriculum of social, emotional and intercultural competencies, as well as to extracurricular activities. By taking individual units from the teaching curriculum, turning them together with the pupils into creative performing materials in the sense of problem, project and explorative tasks, and by using open, problem– and project-based teaching and collaborative learning, the teacher supports the development of pupils’ social competencies. Competencies include forms of knowledge and understanding (capacity for cognition and comprehension), knowledge about how to act (practical application of knowledge in certain situations), knowledge about how to be (values as integral elements of perception and coexistence with others in the social context). Competencies represent a mixture of these features (taking into account knowledge and its usage, standpoints, skills and responsibilities) and describe a level or degree to which an individual is able to use them (Tuning, 2006).


curriculum, pupils’ social competencies, teacher’s social competencies

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