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Original scientific paper

Diversity and Coherence as Important Aspects of Curriculum: A Content Analysis of the Two Croatian Geometry Curricula for Primary Education

Dubravka Glasnovic Gracin orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education
Ana Kuzle ; University of Potsdam

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For years, school geometry has faced with many issues including losing its strong position in school mathematics and earning the reputation of being the “problem child” of mathematics teaching. These issues stem from the problems in the intended curriculum. The goal of this paper is to shed light on the two intended curricula for primary mathematics education in Croatia in terms of the diversity and coherence of geometry topics through the lens of fundamental ideas of geometry. Additionally, the analysis is associated with previous results on the attained and potentially implemented curriculum regarding textbook tasks and primary school students’ images of geometry. Even though the new curriculum reflects more diversity regarding the fundamental ideas of geometry compared to the old curriculum, there is clear evidence that they still do not offer the learning opportunities in line with modern geometry education. Based on the data, the results are discussed with regard to their theoretical and practical implications with the goal of providing suggestions on how to improve the position of school geometry in mathematics education in Croatia conducive to modern geometry education, as emphasised in the literature.


fundamental ideas; geometry education; primary education; tripartite model of curriculum

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