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Datum izdavanja: siječnja 2015.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 21. 1. 2015.
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Studies on fire-induced vibration of full-scale continuous panels using Hilbert transform (str.1-8) engleskiPDF 656 KB
Bing Li, Li Yu Dong
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Tension control system design of a filament winding structure based on fuzzy neural network (str.9-17) engleskiPDF 482 KB
Zheng Li
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Numerical simulation and process optimization on cast steel bearing sleeve (str.19-25) engleskiPDF 641 KB
Goufa Mi, Changyun Li, Lilin Chen, Lei Xu
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The microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welded Ti6Al4V titanium alloy under β transus temperature (str.27-31) engleskiPDF 595 KB
Shude Ji, Bin Zhuo, Shuangsheng Gao, Yongxian Huang, Liguo Zhang, Jizhong Li, Yinan Ma
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Simulation and application of loose tooling forging for heavy grinding roller shaft forgings (str.33-37) engleskiPDF 629 KB
Juan-hua Su, Feng-zhang Ren, Shu-guo Jia, Shi-zhong Wei
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Analysis of mode localization in a single-layer spherical reticulated shell (str.39-47) engleskiPDF 458 KB
Zhan hui Liu, Wei Liu, Wei cheng Gao, Xiang Cheng
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An approximate response of the large system with local cubic nonlinearities subjected to harmonic excitation (str.49-59) engleskiPDF 2 MB
Jianshe Luo, Xiaoying Liu
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Research on cold crack sensitivity of high-strength wear-resistant steel NM360 after welding (str.61-66) engleskiPDF 456 KB
Zeng Gao, Jitai Niu
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Field measurement of a residential floor cooling system and evaluation of human thermal comfort (str.67-77) engleskiPDF 534 KB
Xuemin Sui, Xu Zhang
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Cellular automata method for mapping cracking patterns of laterally loaded wall panels with openings (str.79-86) engleskiPDF 252 KB
Yanxia Huang, Yu Zhang, Ming Zhang, Chao Lv, Guangchun Zhou
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