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Publication date: April 2019

Published on HRČAK: 16 April 2019
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Testing and isolation strategies for the vibrational hazards (str.124-131) englishPDF 658 KB
Huang Wei, Xu Jian, Zhang Tong-yi, Hu Ming-yi, Qin Jing-wei, Lan Ri-qing
Original scientific paper
A continuous model of a standing human body in vertical vibration (str.132-140) englishPDF 275 KB
Qingwen Zhang, Yu Zhang, Tianjian Ji
Original scientific paper
Research of the wrinkling elimination of stainless steel SUS304 by viscous pressure (str.141-147) englishPDF 491 KB
Tiejun Gao, Kun Yu, Xiaojun Liu, Hepeng Zhang
Original scientific paper
Angular velocity and contact force simulation of the spiral bevel gear meshing based on the hertz contact theory (str.148-156) englishPDF 258 KB
Lizhi Gu, Tieming Xiang, Can Zhao, Shuailiang Guo
Original scientific paper
Study on the microstructural evolution of different component alloys consisting of B2-NiSc intermetallics (str.157-164) englishPDF 602 KB
Zhipeng Yuan, HongBao Cui, Yatao Chang, XueFeng Guo
Original scientific paper
The elastic-plastic delamination analysis of layered beam configurations (str.165-173) englishPDF 287 KB
Victor Rizov
Original scientific paper
A two-step decision making approach for identification of critical equipment using analytical hierarchy process and preference ranking organization method for enrichment evaluations with improved normalization (str.174-185) englishPDF 454 KB
Ashish Khaira, Ravi Dwivedi
Original scientific paper
Determination of ballistic properties on ARMOX 500T steel welded joint (str.186-196) englishPDF 802 KB
Ivica Garašić, Maja Jurica, Dario Iljkić, Ante Barišić
Original scientific paper
Evaluation of static and dynamic characteristics of hydrodynamic spiral-grooved journal bearings using the CFD (str.197-204) englishPDF 516 KB
Janardhan Chander Matlapudi, Prudhvi Kanth Gunti, Datta Sriram Sigatapu, Niranjana Behera
Original scientific paper
A study of precision in turning external cylindrical surfaces with mov-able two-blade block (str.205-212) englishPDF 365 KB
Nely Georgieva, Pavel Petrov, Mihail Karshakov, Zlatin Zlatev
Original scientific paper
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