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  • Publication date: 30.06.2015.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.07.2015.

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The Garden of the Villas Bona-Caboga and Stay-Caboga in Dubrovnik; Development and Changes (page 2-13)

Mara Marić, Mladen Obad Šćitaroci
Original scientific paper

The Published Works of the Architect Egon Steinmann (1922-1951) (page 14-27)

Iva Muraj
Original scientific paper

Architect Zlatko Neumann; Buildings and Projects between the World Wars (page 20-41)

Darko Kahle
Original scientific paper

Dietzsch Cement Kilns and their Significance for the Industrial Architecture of Dalmatia (page 42-55)

Dujmo Žižić, Hrvoje Bartulović
Original scientific paper

Public Buildings in the Formation of the Contemporary Urban Fabric of Split (page 70-81)

Hrvoje Bartulović, Dujmo Žižić
Original scientific paper

Social Security District Office in Skopje Designed by the Architect Drago Ibler, 1934 (page 82-95)

Goran Mickovski, Vladan Djokić
Original scientific paper

Archaeological Heritage Management; Process Associated with Urban and Physical Planning (page 100-117)

Marko Rukavina, Mladen Obad Šćitaroci
Review article

Integral Approach to Enhancement of Soundscape in Urban Open Space (page 110-129)

Tin Oberman, Bojana Bojanić Obad Šćitaroci
Review article

International Documents on Physical Planning and Tourism (page 130-143)

Ana Mrđa, Bojana Bojanić Obad Šćitaroci
Review article

Three Projects Realized by Zagreb-Based Architects in Monte Negro (page 144-159)

Zrinka Barišić Marenić
Review article

Architect Ivo Bartolić; Prolegomena to his Work (page 160-173)

Borka Bobovec, Luka Korlaet, Nino Virag
Review article

Impresum i sadržaj (page 0-0)

Impressum and Content (page 0-0)


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