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  • Publication date: 01.06.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 31.08.2016.

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Kazalo (page 3-4)

Contents (page 0-0)


Geographic Location and Transport Connections of the Lake »Šoderica« (page 0-0)

Petar Feletar
Original scientific paper

Genesis and Exploitation of Gravel and Sand from Lake Šoderica (page 0-0)

Dragutin Feletar
Original scientific paper

Šoderica, My Vision (1938-1952) (page 0-0)

Mira Kolar Dimitrijević
Original scientific paper

"Bjelovar" Vacationers on Lake Šoderica (page 0-0)

Željko Karaula
Review article

1980S Media Presentation of "Podravina Riviera" (page 0-0)

Željko Krušelj
Original scientific paper

Tourist Perspective of Lake Šoderica (page 0-0)

Zdravko Mihevc
Professional paper

Beginnings and Development Šoderica as a Tourist and Recreation Center (page 0-0)

Ivana Posedi, Nada Bulić
Review article

The Structure, Properties and Opinions of Visitors to Šoderica in 2015 (page 0-0)

Petar Fijačko
Preliminary communication

Review of 1938 Podravina Earthquake Newspaper Reports (page 0-0)

Ivica Zvonar
Review article

Akademik Dragutin Feletar (uz 75 godina života) (page 213-233)

Hrvoje Petrić

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