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  • Publication date: 24.11.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 24.11.2021.

Table of contents

Full text

Library stereotypes, their harmfulness and ways to refute them (page 9-35)

Zorica Antulov
Review article

Analysis of written thematic and cover user inquiries to Požega City Libraries (page 37-57)

Vlasta Peći Marčetić
Professional paper

Work of the Public Library Slavonski Brod during closure in 2020 (page 59-78)

Zvjezdana Saje, Goran Vučković, Mirna Grubanović
Professional paper

Virtual exhibition „A walk through the Bjelovar“: a city on old postcards of heritage institutions (page 79-94)

Neda Adamović, Tomislav Adamović
Professional paper

Leadership as a management function in library bussines (page 95-111)

Antal Balog
Original scientific paper

City and university library Osijek's collection development and evaluation (page 113-137)

Srđan Lukačević, Marijana Špoljarić Kizivat, Ljiljana Krpeljević
Original scientific paper

Teaching online or in-person?: the educational process during the COVID-19 pandemic (page 139-160)

Jadranka Junačko
Original scientific paper

Reading habits during the COVID-19 pandemic in Osijek-Baranja County (page 161-181)

Srđan Lukačević, Kornelija Petr Balog, Dino Radmilović
Original scientific paper

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