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Technical Journal , Vol. 16 No. 1, 2022.

  • Publication date: 04.02.2022.
  • Published on HRČAK: 05.02.2022.

Table of contents

Full text

Calibration of Undrained Shear Strength Partial Factor Using Probability Theory (page 8-15)

Filip Dodigović, Krešo Ivandić, Božo Soldo, Kristijan Grabar
Original scientific paper

Genetic Algorithm-Based Parametrization of a PI Controller for DC Motor Control (page 16-22)

Marko Mavrinac, Ivan Lorencin, Zlatan Car, Mario Šercer
Original scientific paper

Capacity Optimization in Dynamically Routing Computer Network Systems (page 23-32)

Nuşin Uncu, Rızvan Erol
Original scientific paper

Stacked Cross Validation with Deep Features: A Hybrid Method for Skin Cancer Detection (page 33-39)

Ahmed Al-Karawi, Ercan Avşar
Original scientific paper

Salient Features Selection Techniques for Instruction Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (page 40-46)

Severin Gbetondji Michoagan, S. M. Mali, Sharad Gore
Original scientific paper

Influence of the Polymer Plate Thickness on the Plate Distortion Factor in Flexography (page 47-52)

Dean Valdec, Renata Tomerlin, Krunoslav Hajdek, Petar Miljković
Original scientific paper

Developing a Location-Based Recommender System Using Collaborative Filtering Technique in the Tourism Industry (page 53-59)

Iman Kianinezhad, Mehdi Bayati, Ali Harounabadi, Donya Akbari
Original scientific paper

Importance of Labelling Biodynamic Product Packaging in Croatia (page 60-66)

Dijana Posavec, Mario Tomiša, Krunoslav Hajdek, Bojan Šarkanj
Original scientific paper

Recognition Model of Counterfeiting Digital Records of Biometric Photographic Image (page 67-73)

Marko Maričević, Petra Ptiček, Ivana Žganjar
Original scientific paper

A New Framework for Evaluation Sustainable Green Service Supply Chain Management in Oil and Gas Industries (page 74-81)

Davood Naghi Beiranvand, Kamran Jamali Firouzabadi, Sahar Dorniani
Original scientific paper

Increasing Productivity of Furniture Factory with Lean Manufacturing Techniques (Case Study) (page 82-92)

Dilsad Guzel, Alireza Shahbazpour Asiabi
Original scientific paper

The Impact of a Web Banner Position on the Webpage User Experience (page 93-97)

Snježana Ivančić Valenko, Damira Keček, Marko Čačić,, Katarina Slanec
Original scientific paper

Analysis of Solar Chimney Power Plants Based on the Bam's Climate (page 98-105)

Amir Bagheran Sharbaf, Ali Asghar Shojaei, Paniz Bagheran Sharbaf
Preliminary communication

Performance Management in Czech Construction: Public Investors’ Perspective (page 113-120)

Tomáš Hanák, Ivan Marović
Preliminary communication

Application of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in Information and Communication Technologies (page 129-134)

Katerina Fotova Čiković, Joško Lozić
Review article

The Third Mission of the University: The Response of GRAFOS’ Students to the Consequences of Natural Disasters in Croatia 2020 (page 139-147)

Sanja Lončar-Vicković, Marija Krajnović, Martina Kamenarić
Professional paper

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