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  • Publication date: 15.03.1983.
  • Published on HRČAK: 12.03.2014.

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Identification of components in prosthetic alloys by X — ray emission spectroscopy (page 1-8)

Zvonimir Kosovel, Jasenka Živko, Vlado Valković
Original scientific paper

[Morphological characteristics of root resorption of persistent deciduous teeth] (page 0-0)

Asja Miličić
Original scientific paper

[Enterococci in the root canals of teeth with Periapical processes] (page 0-0)

Dora Najžar-Fleger, Vera Čoklica, Greta Staudt, Stjepan Šalković
Original scientific paper

[Oral findings in patients with mljet disease (mal de meleda)] (page 0-0)

Berislav Topić, Tibor Šalamon
Original scientific paper

[Palatal invaginations in permanent teeth] (page 0-0)

Rosella Kovačić, Jozo Šutalo
Original scientific paper

[Torus mandibularis in patients with prostheses] (page 0-0)

Josip Pandurić, Krešimir Kraljević
Original scientific paper

New approach to exarticulated teeth (page 0-0)

Jakša Grgurević
Professional paper

[Oral surgery in patients with hereditary coagulopathy] (page 0-0)

Pavel Kobler, Perica Ficović, Goran Knežević, Zvonimir Grgić
Original scientific paper

[Analysis of Mise's operation for alveolar mucosal hyperplasia] (page 0-0)

Ivica Krmpotić
Original scientific paper

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