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  • Publication date: 03.12.1984.
  • Published on HRČAK: 23.01.2014.

Table of contents

Full text

Sadržaj (page 1-2)


The Concept of Crisis and the Experience of Community (page 3-21)

Zvonko Lerotić
Conference paper

For the Dialectic of the Class and the National (page 32-37)

Adolf Bibič
Conference paper

Podržavljenje pluraliteta nacionalnih interesa (page 38-46)

Dušan Janjić
Conference paper

Federalism and Confederalism (page 53-58)

Tomislav Jantol
Conference paper

The Genesis of the 1974 Constitution (page 73-77)

Dušan Bilandžić
Conference paper

Is Yugoslavia a Confederation? (page 78-81)

Ivan Kristan
Conference paper

Is Yugoslavia Really a Confederation? (page 82-94)

Veljko Mratović
Conference paper

Some Constitutional-Legal Issues of Federalism in Yugoslavia (page 95-102)

Smiljko Sokol
Conference paper

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