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  • Publication date: 23.01.2023.
  • Published on HRČAK: 24.01.2023.

Table of contents

Full text

Arduino robot for diagnosis and therapy of autism in children (page 0-0)

Katarina Cvitić, Vesna Krajči
Professional paper

The importance of leadership competences for effective communication in crisis situations (page 0-0)

Katarina Dugalija, Nikolina Pleša Puljić, Damir Ribić
Professional paper

Impact of COVID-19 on the correlation between bitcoin trends and major stock market indexes (page 0-0)

Andrea Vareško, Daniel Deković
Preliminary communication

Web Service-Based System for Vehicle License Plate Recognition (page 0-0)

Krunoslav Husak, Zoran Vrhovski, Ivan Grbaš
Professional paper

Surfactants: Methods for determination and removal of surfactants in environment (page 14-21)

Nada Glumac, Nikola Sakač, Marija Jozanović, Nikolina Novotni-Horčička
Review article

Analysis of the Alibaba ecosystem business model in the context of Porter's generic strategies (page 30-40)

Joško Lozić, Katerina Fotova Čiković, Ines Lozić
Preliminary communication

English language pre-knowledge in the tourism context during university enrollment (page 41-46)

Dino - Dominik Magić, Martina Kovačević
Professional paper

Material and non-material rewarding of employees as a form of motivation (page 52-58)

Danijela Mioković Kapetinić, Nikolina Pleša Puljić
Professional paper

Gaming Tourism (page 59-63)

Gaming turizam (page 59-63)

Marija Miščančuk, David Strelec
Professional paper

Venture capital funds (page 64-69)

Damir Ribić, Ljiljana Krnjaić
Professional paper

The use of HSRP network portocol in Local Area Network (page 70-78)

Aleksandar Skendžić, Luka Ljubičić, Josip Romac
Professional paper

Analysis and perspectives of sports development in Novi Marof (page 79-88)

Filip Štaba, Dario Škegro
Review article

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