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Mathematical Communications, Vol. 5 No. 1, 2000

Publication date: June 2000

Published on HRČAK: 21 March 2006
Table of contents Full text
Parametric programming: An illustrative mini encyclopedia (str.1-39) englishpdf 1 MB
S. Zlobec
Review article
The property of Kelley in nonmetric continua (str.41-50) englishpdf 141 KB
I. Lončar
Original scientific paper
Surjective simplicial inverse systems (str.51-60) englishpdf 162 KB
N. Uglešić, B. Červar
Original scientific paper
About the kernel of the augmentation of finitely generated Z-modules (str.61-66) englishpdf 108 KB
M. Conrad
Original scientific paper
A characterization of continuous images of arcs by their images of weight $\leq\aleph_1$ (str.67-73) englishpdf 118 KB
I. Lončar
Original scientific paper
Intersection properties of Brownian paths (str.75-85) englishpdf 142 KB
M. Kelbert
Original scientific paper
Heap - ternary algebraic structure (str.87-95) englishpdf 145 KB
Z. Kolar
Professional paper
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