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  • Publication date: 19.12.2014.
  • Published on HRČAK: 22.12.2014.

Table of contents

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A Review of the Itinerary of Ala Tungrorum and Ala Frontoniana (page 0-0)

Nikola Cesarik
Original scientific paper

Fieldtrip of Zagreb students to Serbia in april 1912 (page 0-0)

Mislav Gabelica
Original scientific paper

The Activity of Zvonimir Požgaj in Zadar 1946–1949 (page 0-0)

Antonija Mlikota
Original scientific paper

Post-War Concentration Camp Jasenovac: Witness Testimonies and Newer Archival Sources (page 0-0)

Stipo Pilić, Blanka Matković
Original scientific paper

The nutrition of the population in the Great County of Dubrava in 1943 (page 0-0)

Franko Mirošević
Original scientific paper

Tribute to the history of horticultural and plant production education in the Šibenik region 1920 – 1939 (page 0-0)

Boris Dorbić, Anita Pamuković, Milivoj Blažević
Preliminary communication

Archdeacon Thomas and the Restoration of the Diocese in Nin (page 0-0)

Zvjezdan Strika
Original scientific paper

Zadar Nobility and Bourgeoisie During French Rule in Dalmatia (page 0-0)

Josip Celić
Original scientific paper

Ser Micouillus Petri, draparius, civis Iadre – Life as a Sign of Time (page 0-0)

Zdenka Janeković Römer
Original scientific paper

Vodič Arhiva Zadarske nadbiskupije (page 470-471)

Josip Celić
Case report

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