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  • Publication date: 29.12.2017.
  • Published on HRČAK: 24.01.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

Peer Reviewers in 2017 (page 0-0)


Editorial to the Adaptation Studies Section (page 245-247)

Ljubica Matek

Adrese autora (page 448-451)

Authors’ Addresses (page 0-0)


Šutnja i samoizražavanje u romanu Charlotte Brontë Shirley: Primjena teorije govornih činova Johna Searlea (page 194-195)

Sara Khazai, Maryam S. Beyad, Mahmoud R.G. Sabbagh
Original scientific paper

Love Is Empire: A Cognitive Analysis of Metaphors of Empire in John Donne’s Love Poetry (page 197-219)

Zohreh Sohrabi, Hossein Pirnajmuddin, Zahra Jannessari
Original scientific paper

At the End Is Piuraa: The Raven’s Gift by Don Rearden (page 221-240)

Marija Krivokapić, Ljiljana Mijanović Lossius
Original scientific paper

Film Adaptation as Translation: An Analysis of Adaptation Shifts in Silver Linings Playbook (page 249-264)

Katerina Perdikaki
Original scientific paper

From “Crash!” to Crash: Adapting the Adaptation (page 293-309)

Ljubica Matek, Jelena Pataki
Original scientific paper

“Till This Moment I never Knew Myself”: Adapting Pride and Prejudice (page 349-358)

Anđelka Raguž
Review article

A Tale Within a Tale: Mise en Abyme Adaptations of the Twenty-First Century (page 361-378)

Željka Flegar
Original scientific paper

The Adaptation of Ivana Šojat’s Modernist Novel Unterstadt (page 381-399)

Dina Koprolčec, Tihomir Živić
Preliminary communication

Upute autorima (page 441-444)

Instructions to Authors (page 445-447)


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