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  • Publication date: 14.07.2022.
  • Published on HRČAK: 14.07.2022.

Table of contents

Full text

Proposition of a method to design tailor-made knowledge management systems for small and medium enterprises (page 1-19)

Tapissier Edouard, Mantelet Fabrice, Aoussat Améziane
Original scientific paper

Strength and durability properties of waste steel slag mixed concrete (page 36-45)

Abhijit Warudkar, S. Elavenil
Original scientific paper

An accurate partial shading detection and global maximum power point tracking technique based on image processing (page 46-55)

Ahmed K. Ryad, Ahmed M. Atallah, Abdelhalim Zekry
Original scientific paper

Design and simulation of a mobile robot platform for navigation and obstacle detection (page 56-65)

Joseph Azeta, Christian A. Bolu, Festus A. Oyawale
Original scientific paper

E-puck motion control using multi-objective particle swarm optimization (page 66-76)

Vikas Singh Panwar, Anish Pandey, Md. E. Hasan
Original scientific paper

Effect of powder concentration on the EDM performance of AISI 304 using cryotreated post tempered electrodes (page 77-87)

Munmun Bhaumik, Kalipada Maity
Original scientific paper

Comprehensive review on spectrum sensing techniques in cognitive radio (page 88-102)

Neha Chaudhary, Rashima Mahajan
Original scientific paper

Stress distribution at different deformation degrees in low carbon steel during cold deformation (page 103-108)

Tin Brlić, Ladislav Lazić, Mladen Franz, Ivan Jandrlić, Stoja Rešković
Original scientific paper

Headroom-based optimization for placement of distributed generation in a distribution substation (page 109-120)

John N. Nweke, Ayodeji Olalekan Salau, Candidus U. Eya
Original scientific paper

Promoting induction heating – steam generators for medical sterilisation: Investigation of energy-efficient design guidelines (page 121-135)

Kamal Jemmad, Abdelhamid Hmidat, Abdallah Saad
Original scientific paper

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