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  • Publication date: 25.11.2013.
  • Published on HRČAK: 25.11.2013.

Table of contents

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A physical model of convective-dispersive transport in an intergranular porous material (page 141-150)

Ana Rubeša, Vanja Travaš
Original scientific paper

Springback of hot stamping and die quenching with ultra-high-strength boron steel (page 151-156)

Jun Bao, Hongsheng Liu, Zhongwen Xing, Baoyu Song, Yuying Yang
Original scientific paper

Discussion on the application of the medina model to the flow curve of hot deformation (page 157-164)

Wang Lidong, Xu Dong Zhou
Original scientific paper

Incremental and stable training algorithm for wind turbine neural modeling (page 165-172)

Slim Abid, Mohamed Chtourou, Mohamed Djemel
Original scientific paper

Microstructural evolution of the coexistence for spinodal decomposition and ordering in Fe-23Al alloy during aging (page 173-178)

Zhonghong Lai, Fei Li, Rongda Zhao, Jingchuan Zhu, BaoYou Zhang
Original scientific paper

Anthropometric design of furniture for use in tertiary institutions in Abeokuta, South-western Nigeria (page 179-192)

Salami O Ismaila, Adekunle I Musa, Samuel B Adejuyigbe, Olukayode D Akinyemi
Original scientific paper

Relating nutrient ratios to mucilage events in Northern Adriatic (page 193-202)

Goran Volf, Boris Kompare, Nevenka Ožanić
Original scientific paper

Numerical simulation of ultra-strength concrete-filled steel columns (page 211-217)

Zhishuo Yang, Yezhi Zhang, Mingxia Chen, Guocan Chen
Original scientific paper

Power consumption optimization and delay based on ant colony algorithm in network-on-chip (page 219-225)

Tao He, Yunfei Guo
Original scientific paper

Weighted Kalman filter phase unwrapping algorithm based on inSAR image (page 227-231)

Man Yan, Lifen Wang
Original scientific paper

Nonlinear dynamic deformation simulation for helical rod like objects (page 233-238)

Hongwang Du, Wei Xiong, Haitao Wang, Zuwen Wang, Bin Yuan
Original scientific paper

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