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  • Publication date: 01.12.1988.
  • Published on HRČAK: 20.01.2014.

Table of contents

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Sadržaj (page 1-2)


Separate Tables: Schools and Sects in Political Science (page 3-18)

Gabriel A. Almond
Conference paper

Policy analiza: znanstveno savjetovanje politike (page 19-40)

Adrienne Windhoff-Heritier
Original scientific paper

Can Policy Analysis Be Ethical? (page 41-56)

Douglas J. Amy
Original scientific paper

Housing Policy and Social Inequalities (page 57-68)

Gojko Bežovan
Professional paper

The Notion of Security in the Terminology of International Relations (page 69-80)

Mario Nobilo
Original scientific paper

Lenin's Definition of Militarism and its Current Relevance (page 81-93)

Ilija Prijić
Original scientific paper

O kraju politike (page 105-112)

On the End of Politics (page 105-112)

Zvonko Posavec
Original scientific paper

"Conviction" and "Constitution" (page 113-123)

Ludwig Siep
Original scientific paper

Party State or Socialist Legal State (page 124-133)

Zdravko Tomac
Conference paper

Austrian School and Contemporary Bourgeois Economy (page 134-147)

Zagorka Brunsko
Review article

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