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  • Publication date: 01.05.2013.
  • Published on HRČAK: 26.03.2014.

Table of contents

Full text

The Implosion of Art between 0 and 1 (page 0-0)

Miroljub Radojković
Preliminary communication

Music and the Media, with particular attention to the film (page 0-0)

Fulvio Šuran
Original scientific paper

Performance of Media: Eurosong between spectacle and art (page 0-0)

Vesna Milenković, Slađana Stamenković
Preliminary communication

Mediated Picture of the World - Media, Art and Technology in Networked Society (page 0-0)

Halima Sofradžija
Preliminary communication

The Art of Spectacle as a Second Reality (page 0-0)

Mileva Pavlović, Ljiljana Manić, Marija Aleksić
Preliminary communication

Medium of poetic Word as a Way of transferring Sufi Gnosis (page 0-0)

Vesna Ivezić
Review article

New media and new arts (page 0-0)

Aleksandra Brakus
Review article

Mass Media and Perspective of Cultural Identity in Global Society (page 0-0)

Sandra Sokolović, Sandra Santrač
Review article

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