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Metallurgy , Vol. 55 No. 2, 2016.

  • Publication date: 01.04.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 06.10.2015.

Table of contents

Full text

A two-stage metal valorisation process from electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) (page 149-152)

H. Issa, M. Korać, Ž. Kamberović, M. Gavrilovski, T. Kovačević
Original scientific paper

Hydrometallurgical recovery of tin and lead from waste printed circuit boards (WPCBs): limitations and opportunities (page 153-156)

M. Ranitović, Ž. Kamberović, M. Korać, N. Jovanović, A. Mihjalović
Original scientific paper

Influence of testing rate on Lüders band propagation in niobium microalloyed steel (page 157-160)

S. Rešković, I. Jandrlić, F. Vodopivec
Original scientific paper

Dependence of Al bronze surfaced layers on the postweld thermomechanical treatment (page 161-164)

V. Marušić, I. Samardžić, I. Opačak
Original scientific paper

Mechanical and structural response of AISI 4135 steel after controlled cooling process (page 165-168)

P. Kučera, E. Mazancová
Original scientific paper

Phase analysis of fume during arc weld brazing of steel sheets with protective coatings (page 169-172)

J. Matusiak, J. Wyciślik, H. Krztoń
Original scientific paper

Examining properties of arc sprayed nanostructured coatings (page 173-176)

A. Czupryński, J. Gorka, M. Adamiak
Original scientific paper

Tailoring the gradient ultrafine-grained structure in low-carbon steel during drawing with shear (page 177-180)

G. I. Raab, L. A. Simonova, G. N. Alyoshin
Original scientific paper

Physical modelling and numerical finite element method (FEM) simulation of forging in open die of alloy AIMgSi0,5 (page 181-184)

M. Janjić, M. Vukčević, Z. Jurković, N. Šibalić, S. Savićević
Original scientific paper

Effect of aging on mechanical properties of Al-8Si-8Fe-1.4V/SiCp composites (page 189-192)

A. Essari, F. Sariuglo, Z. Petrovic, A. Sedmak, I. Samardžić
Preliminary communication

Effects of heat treatment on the properties of low carbon steel 19MnB4 for screws (page 193-196)

M. Oruč, J. Duraković, S. Muhamedagić, B. Fakić, M. Rimac
Preliminary communication

Developing model of mass-exchange processes in porous bodies on example of iron-ore pellets oxidation process (page 197-199)

Sv. S. Kvon, T. S. Filippova, H. I. Malashkevichute
Preliminary communication

Statistical analysis of the V-tool bending process parameters in the bending of HC260Y steel (page 200-202)

J. Cumin, I. Samardžić, L. Maglić
Preliminary communication

Investigation of sedimentation analysis of suspensions with 20 % of the content halloysite clay (page 203-205)

A. Z. Issagulov, V. Yu. Kulikov, Y. P. Chsherbakova, E. M. Azbanbayev, Sv. S. Kvon
Preliminary communication

Using high-chromium iron as material for production of the equipping components of mine shafts (page 206-208)

Sv. S. Kvon, V. Y. Kulikov, T. S. Filippova, A. E. Omarova
Preliminary communication

Mass balance at partial run of quartzite carbothermal reduction (page 209-212)

J. Węgrzyn
Preliminary communication

The influence of temperature on mechanical properties of the base material (BM) and welded joint (WJ) made of steel S690QL (page 213-216)

V. Lazić, S. Aleksandrović, D. Arsić, A. Sedmak, A. Ilić, M. Djordjević, L. Ivanović
Preliminary communication

The optimization of welding regime parameters at shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) by mathematical modeling (page 217-220)

V. Petrescu, G. Paraschiv, D. Dobrotă
Preliminary communication

Validation of the finite element method (FEM) in case of reconditioning by welding applied to crankshafts (page 221-224)

O. Chivu, D-T. Cicic, C. Rontescu
Preliminary communication

The modeling of heat affected zone (HAZ) in submerged arc welding (SAW) surfacing steel element (page 225-228)

J. Winczek, E. Gawrońska
Preliminary communication

The phenomenon of durability variable dies for aluminum extrusion profiles (page 229-232)

J. Borowski, J. Wendland
Preliminary communication

Aluminium supplier selection for the automotive parts manufacturer (page 237-240)

M. Cieśla
Preliminary communication

Efficiency of Polish metallurgical industry based on data envelopment analysis (page 245-248)

J. Baran, M. Wysokinski, D. Staš, A. Samolejová, R. Lenort
Preliminary communication

Tribological wear mechanisms of molds for high pressure die casting (page 249-252)

Z. Dadić, D. Živković, N. Čatipović
Review article

Chromate conversion coatings and their current application (page 253-256)

P. Pokorny, P. Tej, P. Szelag
Review article

Energy efficiency in small and medium scale foundry industry (page 257-259)

G. Patange, M. Khond
Review article

The investment location decisions in the steel industry (page 263-266)

M. M. Abrudan, L. C. Abrudan, T. Roman
Review article

Competencies of engineering staff in steelworks after their restructuring (page 271-274)

K. SzczepańsKa-Woszczyna, B. Gajdzik
Review article

Excise levying on gold products on the Romanian territory (page 275-277)

I. Bostan, T. Roman
Review article

Mining remittances corresponding to metalliferous ores: regulation and budget impact (page 278-280)

N. Asaloș, E. Hlaciuc, I. Bostan, T. Roman, D. Mateș, A. Manolică
Review article

The influence of the reconditioning by welding processes on the hardness of crankshafts in the automotive industry (page 281-284)

O. Chivu, D-T. Cicic, C. Rontescu, I-M. Vasile
Professional paper

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