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  • Publication date: 01.12.2015.
  • Published on HRČAK: 22.08.2016.

Table of contents

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Kazalo (page 0-0)


What Can Cognitive Grammar Say About So-Called Dative Subjects? (page 0-0)

Branimir Belaj
Original scientific paper

The Returns to Philology between Game and Commentary (page 0-0)

Zvonimir Glavaš
Original scientific paper

Contemporary Croatian Onomastics - Challenges, Needs and Capacities (page 0-0)

Anđela Frančić
Review article

Modern Textological Studies of Glagolitic Monuments (page 0-0)

Tanja Kuštović
Professional paper

Zwei Sprechende Sprachatlanten des Kroatischen (page 0-0)

Velimir Piškorec, Ivana Kurtović Budja

Croatian Linguistics Now and in the Future (page 0-0)

Ivo Pranjković

Riječ urednika (page 1-2)

Mateo Žagar, Zvonimir Glavaš

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