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  • Publication date: 14.07.2022.
  • Published on HRČAK: 22.07.2022.

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Impressum (page 287-287)


Kazalo (page 335-335)

Content (page 335-335)

Inhalt (page 335-335)

Contenido (page 335-335)

Contenuto (page 335-335)


Influence of heat treatment on the content of iron, zinc, copper and magnesium in beef meat from intensive and extensive fattening system (page 336-346)

Jasmina Redžović, Dinaida Tahirović, Muhamed Smajlović, Ćazim Crnkić
Original scientific paper

Effect of housing on keel bone damages in laying hens (page 357-365)

Zlatko Janječić, Zlata Kralik, Zdravko Banovec, Dalibor Bedeković
Original scientific paper

Animal welfare in Croatia in previous (2014 – 2020) and upcoming (2023 - 2027) programme period of Common agricultural policy (CAP) (page 366-373)

Mateja Jež Rogelj, Ornella Mikuš, Lari Hadelan, Tihana Kovačiček
Professional paper

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