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  • Publication date: 28.12.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 22.02.2019.

Table of contents

Full text

Salamandrija on Palagruža: site formation from the Early Neolithic to the present day (page 9-34)

Maja Miše, Vedran Barbarić, Asja Zec, Branko Kirigin
Preliminary communication

Finds of coins of Pharos and Issa from the Lika region (page 57-66)

Mato Ilkić
Original scientific paper

Coins from the 3rd to 1st century BC in the Marun Collection (page 67-98)

Maja Bonačić Mandinić
Review article

The seviri Augustales in Salona (page 139-165)

Silvia Bekavac, Željko Miletić
Original scientific paper

The second season of archaeological excavations in the Episcopal Centre in Salona east of the Porta Caesarea (page 167-177)

Jagoda Mardešić, Ivan Matijević
Preliminary communication

Inscriptiones Spalatenses ineditae 3: three spolia from Diocletian’s Palace (page 179-189)

Dino Demicheli
Original scientific paper

Five Roman capitals from Kaštel Sućurac (page 191-213)

Daniela Matetić Poljak, Doroti Brajnov Botić
Original scientific paper

Aurelia Prisca as Isis (page 215-244)

Aurelija Priska kao Izida (page 215-244)

Ivo Babić
Original scientific paper

Castella qui sunt super civitatem Salonitanam (page 245-279)

Miroslav Katić
Original scientific paper

The role of church furniture in the communication of identity in early medieval Croatia (page 331-382)

Goran Bilogrivić
Original scientific paper

Bibliography for 2017 (page 383-413)

Arsen Duplančić

In memoriam Branko Penđer (5. 12. 1948. - 19. 2. 2018.) (page 415-418)

Ika Prpa - Stojanac
In memoriam, Obituary

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