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  • Publication date: 12.12.2000.
  • Published on HRČAK: 01.09.2008.

Table of contents

Full text

Uvodnik (page 1-1)

Editorial (page 2-2)


Paradoxes of the Internet as a Communication Medium (page 0-0)

Goran Bubaš
Review article

Web Sites Of Croatian Radio Stations (page 0-0)

Marina Mučalo
Professional paper

Pozdravni govor (page 45-47)

Željka Antunović

Opening Speech (page 49-51)

Alain Modoux

Media and the Public Spheres –European Idea and Ideal (page 55-60)

John Keane
Conference paper

Media Freedoms in a Country in Transition (page 0-0)

Dragutin Lučić
Conference paper

Public Relations as the Reverse Side of Journalism (page 0-0)

Aleksandra Kolarić
Conference paper

Croatian Radio in the Year 2000: in Search of a New Identity (page 0-0)

Nada Zgrabljić Rotar
Professional paper

Core issues in ethics for journalism and media management (page 91-95)

Aidan White
Conference paper

Knowledge and Skills – Guarantee for Professionalism (page 0-0)

Stjepan Malović
Conference paper

Journalists – Guardians of their Own Professional Postulates (page 0-0)

Jagoda Vukušić
Conference paper

Newspapers in Education and Building Democratic Citizens (page 105-110)

Aralynn Abare McMane
Conference paper

Daily Newspapers on the Croatian Market – Today and Tomorrow (page 0-0)

Branko lovrić
Conference paper

Development of the Television Market (page 0-0)

Damir Matković
Conference paper

Commercial Radio and Television in the Republic of Croatia – Ten Years Later (page 0-0)

Zrinka Vrabec Mojzeš
Conference paper

Nema slobodnih novinara (page 129-133)

There Are No Free Journalists (page 0-0)

Jasmina Popović
Conference paper

Challenges and Opportunities for the Media in a Market Economy (page 135-139)

Lars Julin
Conference paper

Pouke iz Latvije (page 0-0)

The Lessons from Latvia (page 141-144)

Anita Khere
Conference paper

Diskusija (page 147-148)

Mirjana Didović

Diskusija (page 149-153)

Mladen Juran

Diskusija (page 155-156)

Ivan Tanta

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