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  • Publication date: 14.06.2012.
  • Published on HRČAK: 06.07.2012.

Table of contents

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Accessory Elements and Details in Burgs of Continental Croatia (page 2-19)

Zorislav Horvat
Original scientific paper

The Town of Pag - an Example of a 15th Century "Real Town" (page 23-45)

Igor Fisković
Original scientific paper

The Sava River and its Banks in Zagreb; Development Proposals for Sava banks between 1899 and 2010 (page 46-59)

Irena Matković, Mladen Obad-Šćitaroci
Original scientific paper

Principles of Modernism in Church Design: Architect Tomislav Premerl (page 74-87)

Zorana Sokol Gojnik, Igor Gojnik, Mladen Obad-Šćitaroci
Original scientific paper

Historic Squares in Zagreb before 1918; Spatial Genesis and Urban Characteristics (page 88-105)

Alen Žunić, Nikola Matuhina
Preliminary communication

Landscape Urbanism; New Spatial Paradigm (page 106-117)

Bojana Bojanić Obad-Šćitaroci, Nikola Matuhina
Preliminary communication

Walkspace; Linear Space - Motion in the City of Split (page 118-131)

Tamara Marić, Bojana Bojanić Obad-Šćitaroci
Preliminary communication

Spatial Development of Pitomača from the early 18th to the late 20th Centuries (page 132-145)

Nino Zdeličan, Krunoslav Šmit
Review article

Paolo Grassi’s Regulation Plan of Rijeka City, 1904 (page 146-157)

Branko Metzger-Šober
Review article

Art Déco Architecture in Cyprus from the 1930s to the 1950s (page 172-185)

Marko Kiessel
Review article

New Zagreb Center; South Zagreb; New Zagreb; Zagreb; Zagreb trade fair (page 186-197)

Borka Bobovec, Ivan Mlinar, Domagoj Sentić
Review article

Tensegrity Structures; Innovative Light Structural Systems (page 198-209)

Davor Skejić, Boris Androić, Dubravko Bačić
Review article

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