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  • Publication date: 02.09.1991.
  • Published on HRČAK: 14.01.2014.

Table of contents

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Sadržaj (page 1-2)


The Intellectual and Historical Foundations of Liberalism (page 3-8)

Zvonko Posavec
Conference paper

Liberalism, Personality Development, and Education (page 32-40)

Vladimir Vujčić
Conference paper

James Buchanan's New Political Economy (page 41-50)

Zdravko Petak
Conference paper

Feyerabend's Critique of Liberal Totalitarianism (page 51-58)

Zoran Kurelić
Conference paper

The Political Effects of the Croatian Electoral System (page 59-83)

Mirjana Kasapović
Original scientific paper

The Debate Over Electoral Systems (page 84-107)

Andre Blais

Regional Autonomy: The Autonomous Status of the Aaland Islands (page 108-124)

Štefica Deren-Antoljak
Original scientific paper

Europeanization as a Problem of World History (page 125-130)

Ante Pažanin
Original scientific paper

The Legitimacy Crisis of Communist Systems (page 153-169)

Ivan Prpić
Original scientific paper

Budućnost nesvrstanosti (page 177-187)

The Future of Nonalignment (page 177-187)

Radovan Vukadinović
Original scientific paper

In Memoriam: Ludwig Landgrebe (page 188-189)

Ante Pažanin
In memoriam, Obituary

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