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Ars Adriatica , No. 8, 2018.

  • Publication date: 21.12.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 21.12.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

Impressum (page 4-4)


Sadržaj / Contents (page 5-6)


An Intaglio from Cape Ploča in the Light of New Discoveries (page 7-16)

Anita Travčić
Original scientific paper

Towers at the Entrance to St Anthony’s Canal: An Inseparable Part of Šibenik’s Fortifications (page 47-60)

Ivo Glavaš, Ivo Šprljan
Original scientific paper

Tabulae pictae at the Petris-Moise Palace in Cres (page 81-104)

Tea Sušanj Protić
Original scientific paper

A Preliminary Attribution to Jacopo Amigoni: Madonna and Child on the Island of Visovac (page 153-162)

Sanja Cvetnić, Zoraida Demori Staničić
Original scientific paper

A Croatian Phase in the Career of Russian Marine Painter Alexei Hanzen (page 163-178)

Sanja Žaja Vrbica
Original scientific paper

Uništeni talijanski spomenik „Ara ai Caduti Dalmati” u Zadru (page 179-194)

Patrizia Dragoni, Antonija Mlikota
Original scientific paper

“Relational Form” as a Language of Art: Approaches and Debates (page 211-226)

Katarina Rukavina
Original scientific paper

Painting as a Field of Introspection (page 229-242)

Ivica Župan

A Noble Outsider: In memoriam Drago Trumbetaš (page 242-246)

Antun Maračić
In memoriam, Obituary

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