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  • Publication date: 19.12.2007.
  • Published on HRČAK: 19.09.2008.

Table of contents

Full text

Argyruntum and Its Territory in Antiquity (page 1-58)

Martina Dubolnić
Original scientific paper

“Catalogus episcoporum ecclesiae Nonensis” of the Zadar Canon Ivan A. Gurato (page 59-150)

Zvjezdan Strika
Original scientific paper

The Books of the Glagolitic Writers of the Zadar Archbishopric in the Middle Ages (page 151-184)

Petar Runje
Original scientific paper

Inventario degli atti del convento delle clarisse di S. Niccolò di Zara (page 185-204)

Stanko Josip Škunca
Professional paper

The Defensive System of the Korčula Municipality in the Middle Ages (page 205-220)

Serđo Dokoza
Original scientific paper

Religious Opportunities on the Area Jurjevići – Vlatkovići (page 221-237)

Dijana Korać
Original scientific paper

Two Listings of the Assets of 15th Century Painters from Split (page 289-337)

Emil Hilje
Original scientific paper

Zadar Inhabitants − Cavaliers of Saint Mark (17th Century) (page 339-354)

Lovorka Čoralić
Original scientific paper

The Inventory of the Lantana Family (page 355-437)

Dubravka Kolić
Professional paper

The Economic Element in the Work of Marko Lauro Ruić (page 439-447)

Šime Peričić
Professional paper

Conditions on the Island of Lastovo during the 19th Century (page 449-466)

Stanko Piplović
Professional paper

A Contribution to the History of the Agricultural Šibenik Region from 1921 to 1941 (page 645-689)

Milivoj Blažević
Original scientific paper

Yugonationalists on the Island of Korčula (page 691-720)

Tonko Barčot
Review article

Vrsi under Italian Occupation in WWII (page 721-783)

Marijan Diklić
Professional paper

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