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  • Publication date: 19.12.2019.
  • Published on HRČAK: 19.12.2019.

Table of contents

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Impresum (page 1-3)

Impresum (page 1-3)


Sadržaj (page 4-0)

Contents (page 4-0)


Uvod (page 5-0)

Introduction (page 6-0)


Physical therapy as a tourist product of medical tourism in Međimurje county (page 7-19)

Marina Gregorić, Melita Sečan, Ivana Fučko, Valentina Pongrac
Original scientific paper

The role of virtual companies in the improvement of executive functions of high school pupils (page 35-46)

Vlatka Šimunović, Ana Šatović
Preliminary communication

Pro-environmental consumers – a possible source of entrepreneurial opportunities in Croatia (page 47-62)

Davor Širola, Natalija Čavlin
Review article

Contextualization of research in the field of entrepreneurship (page 63-71)

Munira Šestić, Mirha Bičo Ćar, Senad Softić, Elvir Šahić
Review article

Digital maturity models - explanation, literature review and analysis (page 72-84)

Žarko Kruljac, Danijel Knežević
Review article

Business development opportunities in dental tourism in Croatia (page 85-100)

Marina Gregorić, Melita Sečan, Romana Pomper, Mateja Miklik
Review article

Entrepreneurial education at universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (page 101-118)

Mirha Bičo Ćar, Munira Šestić, Senad Softić, Savo Stupar
Review article

A system for rewarding and motivating employees in the chosen company (page 119-139)

Karlo Salopek, Ivica Katavić
Professional paper

The importance of audit as a quality indicator of the financial statements (page 140-153)

Željko Tintor
Professional paper

Social resposibility in Naftalan based on patients opinion survey (page 154-164)

Mile Marinčić, Dario Maričić
Professional paper

Sustainable entrepreneurship regarded through the sustainable development concept (page 165-175)

Maja Vizjak, Kristina Duvnjak
Professional paper

The usage of dual vocational education and training for entrepreneurship in the light of experience from Poland (page 176-190)

Anton Florijan Barišić, Joanna Rybacka Barišić
Review article

Upute za autore (page 191-193)

Guidelines for authors (page 194-196)


Erratum (page 0-0)


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